High Voltage Electrical Services

Cable Testing

Cable testing and locating is an essential part of underground cable services. Our experts are proud to provide these services with the latest in equipment, training and experience.

We have the means and equipment of testing cable to any voltage (DC or AC) specification, as well as locating faults.

VLF testing (Very Low Frequency, AC)  is our latest addition in testing services. This testing service provides customers with the means of testing large lengths of underground cable, such as wind farm collector systems without compromising the cable and connections.

For More Information: http://www.hvinc.com/downloads/Wind_Farm_Products.pdf

Other Testing Services Include:  

  • Sheath Testing
  • Ground Resistance/ Slope Testing
  • High Potential Testing ( DC )
  • Fault Locating (Thumping)
  • Very Low Frequency Testing (VLF AC)

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